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Option to change email adress and real name Lutricia Roux 46 comments 22 votes None
Parcel cubes Galen 37 comments 2 votes None
Store - ability to update an item in a listing with an improved/fixed version Reid Parkin 37 comments 52 votes None
My top-5 wish list for 2019 (originally for 2018) Galen 33 comments 6 votes None
Education Feature Request Idrid 33 comments 1 vote None
"SOLVED"2 weeks stipend. answer is no Lex 32 comments -3 votes None
The importance and differences bewteen being a business owner and a game service provider COCA Yven 30 comments 1 vote None
Loading/Caching Linked Experiences at the same time Debi Baskerville 27 comments 3 votes None
Differentiate Scenes from Experiences COCA Yven 27 comments 2 votes None
QUALIFICATIONS to be allowed to upload on MP COCA Yven 27 comments -3 votes None
Collective Log In Atlas Experience Malakina 26 comments 3 votes None
Volume settings for Audio and Voice. Richardus Raymaker 24 comments 4 votes None
Please Get Rid of Sandex and or Any Form of Play Money COCA Yven 24 comments -4 votes None
Kinematic rigid body motion Galen 22 comments 3 votes None
Logic Block System JackTheRipper 22 comments 1 vote None
Mandatory to OFFER DEMO on MP and thoughts. COCA Yven 22 comments -5 votes None
Instances, Dont split a community. Richardus Raymaker 22 comments 1 vote None
System Wind Just Me 21 comments 0 votes None
Please add the ability to fly Ryan Schultz 21 comments 4 votes None
VIRTUAL GOODS - ENHANCED PERMISSION SYSTEM Lilith Heart 20 comments 7 votes None
Allow comments on store items Paisley 19 comments 5 votes None
Change the Default Roughness back to All White Map (dull/matte) GranddadGotMojo 19 comments 6 votes None
Snap rotation in VR RavenWorks 19 comments 3 votes None
NVIDIA VXGI and Light Manager COCA Yven 19 comments 2 votes None
What time is it? Livio Korobase 18 comments 3 votes None
Suggestions, mostly related to VR Bernie Roehl 18 comments 1 vote None
Spread avatars random around the spawn point. Richardus Raymaker 18 comments 1 vote None
Make 3D manipulator better visible. Richardus Raymaker 18 comments 5 votes None
object info -> see who's the creator cosmoi 18 comments 7 votes None
InitialPosition, InitialOrientation and InitialScale Gindipple 17 comments 4 votes None