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Remember password AFTER update(s) ... Kallah 180 comments 12 votes None
Marvelous Designer to Sansar - gaps in seams after upload Cat 48 comments 3 votes None
Client window not centered when initially opened ... Kallah 27 comments 3 votes None
Sansar periodically totally killing my computer (immediate DEAD STOP, power off) Restless Swords 27 comments 1 vote None
Objects disappear when the are outside the building and your inside with a window between it (no glass) Richardus Raymaker 24 comments 5 votes None
Delete Account janedoe 23 comments 4 votes None
Crashes When Switching Back to Edit GranddadGotMojo 21 comments 1 vote None
Can not enter any of the experiences KandyBrainz 21 comments 0 votes None
Crashing after logging in Mika Whitesong 20 comments 1 vote None
"Sansar requires Windows 7 SP1 or newer" error seekerleaf 18 comments 1 vote None
Viewer won't open RedFire 16 comments 0 votes None
Media Surfaces Not Workin Agustine 16 comments 3 votes None
Can't open any experiences Gordon Nadezda 15 comments 0 votes None
Constantly Crashing on Startup robvogue 14 comments 1 vote None
Windows Mixed Reality NON FUNCTIONAL HiimBreNana 14 comments 8 votes None
Basic Terrain default - experience will not load Patti Peregrine 14 comments 1 vote None
"Your version of Windows appears to be out of date" - warning after install Chris Jackson 14 comments 0 votes None
Sansar crashing at log in Ari Spark 14 comments 2 votes None
Data Disc quest NathanDiniz 13 comments 1 vote None
Crashing on Startup Jayber 13 comments 0 votes None
Scripting - Reflective not working with invocation of methods and setters. Galen 13 comments 0 votes None
Copied scene, things moved around (Edit vs. View discepancy) Gindipple 13 comments 4 votes None
Scripting - Limited to 10 settings Galen 13 comments 1 vote None
What is the right sansar exe to start ? Richardus Raymaker 13 comments 0 votes None
dullahan_host.exe issue? Chris Jackson 12 comments 0 votes None
Can't get into 114 Harvest Daisy Gator 12 comments 1 vote None
Teleport target blocked by trigger volume Galen 12 comments 1 vote None
Installer pops up Javascript error window as soon as it starts. Never gets past it. Noctorne Nagy 12 comments 0 votes None
Scripting - Coroutine starvation Galen 12 comments 0 votes None
Audio plays on PC speakers rather than headset speakers, on Oculus Rift. RavenWorks 12 comments 2 votes None