Full Body Tracking (FBT) foot position incorrect

Whenever an avatar is spawned into a world or the user's home, the avatar's feet always have an apparent gap between them that appears to be about 4". If my IRL user's feet are positioned farther apart than 0" when the spawn occurs, the mapping of IRL feet to avatar feet is incorrect. I've included two images, taken when my IRL feet are about 6" apart. When my avatar spawns into a world, one of the images shows the initial avatar foot positions, with about 4" spacing, despite my IRL  foot positions. The other image shows what happens to the avatar's feet when I close my IRL foot gap from 6" to 0"; the avatar's feet cross! This looks really weird and breaks immersion, especially when dancing! For reference, am wearing Tundra trackers attached to the top of my feet.


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