Free Cam Guide

In Sansar there is a free camera. This guide is for new people who may not know about it. To activate free cam, press F4 on your keyboard, to move use your WSAD keys, to go faster press + and to go slower press - on your number pad on your keyboard. For smoother flying, press F11, that is used for smoother videos. Once you found your perfect photo opportunity, refer yourself to the left side of your screen and click on camera. There you will take a snapshot. You will have options of cropping the image for various uses, for store, world or even general use. You can also crop it anyway you want small or big. You can then save it to your desktop or you can save it and upload it online to the Sansar website where its a easy place to keep all your memories. There on the website you can browse thousands of other photos or look at photos your friends have taken. 


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