Shiny/Rough Map Tutorial

The roughness and metalness maps work together as shaders for Sansar. To achieve this you will need a set of glossy maps known as roughness and metalness. Below i will add them so you can use them on Sansar. On necklaces you will have to remove the texture on the metal as i am gonna show you how to make your jewellery more realistic. Add the roughness map (the white square picture) into the metalness section, this will give your necklace chains or studs a nice shine, adjust the colour to more of a silver, grey tone or gold if you prefer. If you ever want more of a slightly shiny but buffed metal shader you can add a white map to metalness and then a slightly grey map to the roughness slot. I have tons of tones of the coloured shaders in case i have a particular item that needs a certain shine. For pearls add a light grey map to metalness and a dark grey map to the roughness slot. You can always play with them and see the different effects. If you ever lose the maps, do not worry you can make your own. Go into your favourite picture editor, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Paint.Net, Paint or Sketchbook or any other software. Resize the image to 600X600p, make a white one and a black one, then later you can make several shades of grey for more types of items. Take in to account that smaller the image the better. 600x600 is the size i use, but some use less than that.


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