I am new to Sansar but old to the digital art world.

Rotilla Festival is a Cuban music fest that has a long and interesting story and might attract some people if done in the virtual world. 

Long story short, our fest was stolen by the Cuban government and we want to bring it back for all people who know it. We used to have 25000 people camping on a beach for three days of non-stopping music.

I found Sansar due to Glastonbury experience before and I believe this might be the right platform for it.  

Just need to understand a few things about Sansar and would love if someone gives me the path to continue my research. 

How do I make musicians´ avatars follow their movement? Equipment? Advice about it?

What VR headset/equipment is currently available for Sansar apart from PC?

Any plan to make Sansar work on mobile?

Will Sansar be available in Mac at any time?

Can I model my own 3D world from scratch and upload it?

Can people fly in Sansar? How?

How many people/avatars can be together in my world at the same time?

How to sell tickets to attend a Sansar event?

How can I promote my world on the main place Nexus?

If I want to organize an exhibition in the real world, what would be the best equipment to choose from so the audience can use it to get to Sansar event?

I am modeling a t-shirt using Sansar´s skeleton but it doesn´t work when I import it. What should I do to connect my 3D objects to an avatar? 

I know I have many questions so thank you very much for reading till here. I will stop by now...

Thanks you very much in advance for everyone!



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