"Use Paypal to process credit earned in Sansar." not working.


I am having trouble adding PayPal under "Process credit methods." Whenever I try to link my PayPal account, I get redirected to a Tilia page that just shows an infinite spinner that never progresses anywhere. If I go back to my account, PayPal integration was left incomplete.

Steps to Repro:
1. Go to Account
2. Select "Billing Information (page: billing-info)
3. Click "Add PayPal" button
4. [Get Redirected to PayPal's Checkout Page)
5. Click "Agree & Continue" on PayPal Checkout Page
6. PayPal redirects to https://web.tilia-inc.com/

Expected Result: PayPal integration completes successfully.
Actual Result: Infinite spinner on Tilia page.

Observations: The "state" parameter in the URL ".../ui/paypal/success?state=" is empty.


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