Please allow us to configure (increase) the maximum size of the cache.

The maximum size of the client cache is limited to 30GB.

For a regular user that doesn't have the greatest internet, it's too small.

I have a 32TB drive, I'd like to increase the cache. Even a saner maximum of a terabyte would be a massive improvement over its currently dinky size.

For a regular user, this leads to regular cache churn and downloading the same assets over and over for stuff needed less often.

Not only would this improve the user experience of those with less speedy internet links, it would save yourselves money in the reduced bandwidth consumption from having more stuff cached locally at all times.

People with potato PCs can just leave it at the 30GB limit and would not be impacted by this ux enhancement.

Ideally, I'd just like to cache everything forever, storage is cheap and accessible.


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