my money is locked iny my account and i cant recieve my money

So I made an account with a friend on here a couple years back. The community disliked him and he got himself ban. I eventually sign in with his shared account from the store we have made and advertised my new sword model that I have made, everything seemed normal and fine, right until the next day I could not sign in my account with about 100 items I have made. I decided to send a ticket for a complaint, then i went to sansars discord and told them about my situation. I immediately got banned by someone who thought I was someone else, they thought i was my friend who recently got banned. I tried to ask for help. But i just kept getting banned from their discord. I have no idea what my friend has done to deserve being banned, But i am not him, I just shared an account with him. And now all my work is stuck in the sansar store with people buying it and all the money is in there. I even tried to prove that i wasn't who they think i was by getting on microphone and camera, they wouldnt even do that.The account i used with my friend was the eleganceceleste account. I can understand why they would think im him, because we shared the same account. But I'm willing to bet money or even sign a contract to prove its not me. This is crazy. I need my account back. All my work that I have done is being sold and used with out my control. To any other user who uses sansar. I warn you that any little slip up can lead to your account being closed. The fact that being lewd or offensive is subjective determined by how sensitive or deceptive someone can be is absolutely counter productive, and this can cause you to waste your time if you make a bunch of assets for models for sansar. And this is probably one of the reasons why this platform will fail


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