Option to disable 3D audio experience


I would like to see an option to disable the 3D audio (if that's the right term) experience.
I'm aware this is very great and needed when you're in a virtual environment but I can't listen to music like that with bad stereo or a phasing effect going true.
Also I wish to restream the Sansar view to my other CDN's like FB, youtube etc etc, would be great publicity for you,  but I need normal audio quality for that.
I'm aware I can add audio from my direct source in my restream but this would result in a very high latency and out of sync video/audio. I noticed more than 6 seconds. Further more that way of working is not good because latency can change on CDN's like Twitch during the stream.

So I guess the most simple thing is to have an option to be able turn of 3D sound in the Sansar audio options .


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