Codex Switch Maneuver (CSM)

CSM is a way to get into Sansar when Sansar is dealing with AWS (Amazon Web Services) issues. Heres a guide to help you get into world when this happens. A small group of people, including me have tried this method and it is the best solution to not being able to log in. 

Step 1: Simply go online to Sansar.com and on the top left hand side of your screen go to worlds.

Step 2: Click on a starting world and open the launcher.

Step 3: Go to game and let the Sansar logo spin for 3 seconds

Step 4: Switch back to Sansar.com and click on another world that you would like to visit and launch Sansar one last time.

Step 5: Now go back to Sansar and let it do its thing.

NOTE: Do not open chat and go into build mode. If there is a AWS problem in the future, use this guide to lead you back in.

Method Credit goes to a few people, i do not know all the names but i Lynx is the first to find this solution and Silas Merlin is the one who clarified the solution and I am one of them too. 

The acronym for this method was made up by me. CSM.

Thank you for reviewing my first guide on how to get into Sansar during AWS shut downs.  


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