Feature Request: Animation Sequencer/Compositor

At Now, one Animation is assigned to one key. How about to configure a Sequence of animations to a key? There are many animations (here, but also at mixamo), which starts an action, but because the animations are looped, the "start"-animation repeats. Same with "ending"-animations. If it was possible to define an entry-animation, one or more animations in loop and an end-animation, then you could compose nearly unlimited avatar actions just with a bunch of animation parts. Like words can be composed with just 26 letters. After the start animation was played, the next animation automatically follows. At the animations in the middle, you can decide with a checkbox "loop", if that animation loops or if after this animation the next animation follows. If animations are looped, you can press the assigned key to queue the next animation to leave that loop. If double pressed, it immediately jumps to the next animation. And then you have an end animation, which can be used to end the whole animation-sequence in a defined pose. This possibility would be very very powerful with low effort in implementing (in relation how much the functionality will increase) Best Regards (Perhaps you can use a sequence/composition like a single animation within other sequences/compositions. Like functions and subfunctions)

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