Cursor movement during mouse rotation.

Please lock the mouse cursor while the right mouse button is held down. There was an alternative movement mode that was removed, which kept a targeting cursor locked in the middle to avoid the issues with the normal cursor moving in the normal movement mode. But since that was removed, the normal cursor moving with the right mouse button held down is still a huge issue and there's no way to avoid it anymore. It requires you to stop rotating when you get close to the edge of the Sansar window, release the mouse button, move the cursor back to the center, and then hold and rotate again. It makes moving around very frustrating. It's bad enough if you only have one monitor, just from a UI perspective. But if you have more than one monitor, and you rotate "too much" in one direction, the cursor goes off the screen and onto the other monitor. When you release to end the rotation, you're now suddenly and blindly interacting with other windows on the other monitor. That's why it's extremely important for any software that uses mouse rotation to lock the cursor while the button you use to rotate is held down.


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