Contacting the development team. Expand your withdrawal options and you will get more options and be successful!

Hello development team! I would also like to place my products on your website. I have many interesting and high quality products. My country does not accept payments from PayPal. Your resource could win and significantly expand the flow of customers, and this would be very beneficial to everyone. The ability to withdraw funds using PayPal only narrows your user base. Expand these opportunities for users of all countries, add the ability to withdraw funds using Skrill, like in SL. Other efficient and stable payment systems could also be added, such as Payoneer. it would also be nice to add the ability to withdraw funds to Visa bank cards. You and your team will benefit from these additions, never lose! Please focus on the whole world.

The timing of loan processing is also of great importance. These time frames should be reasonable and shorter. It is technically possible to do this. Please shorten these terms, because this factor also reduces the desire to place goods assets here. Please focus on current trends and dynamics and you will receive incredible success and recognition.
Thank you for attention.

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