Simple Metal and Roughness texture scales.

Anyone can use these as they wish. Hope they are helpful :)

Just some simple texture scales I made between black and white shades that can be used in either the metalness or roughness map slots when editing materials in sansar. I've named them according to the degree of metalness or reflectiveness so it's easier to choose which shade you need. 

Please keep in mind that despite how I have named some of the files in terms of Metalness or non-metalness, the only true non metallic shade is pure black, while white represents full metallic.

When it comes to roughness (I used the terms matte and reflective), the same principle applies although in reverse, the only true non reflective shade is white(full matte), while the fully reflective shade is black. 

In both cases all the in-between values of grey represent a sliding scale between the two extremes. For example; picking a midpoint grey of the roughness scale would give you a fairly shiny texture but not as shiny as the pure black one.




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