Feature-Request: Editor mode: Stale the "jump-to-top" / "reopen folders" behaviour in folder hierarchies

It is becoming increasingly troublesome as you progress with organizing big (useful) folder hierarchy structures. Reorganizing can make the folder structure view "jump-to-top" or "reopen folders" structures that had a previous closed status.

"Scene Objects" panel:

Though most issues have been dealt with, there are still a few situations that are inexpedient. I can't come to think of and reproduce exact scenarios at this point, but i like to add comments as i go along and encounter situations that i can reproduce.

"Object Structure" panel:

When i have a long list of "Container" components (containing sit-points ect). I minimize the folders (to have a better overview). and i like the status of folder open/close to remain (obviously), so i can focus on the things i'm working with. But when i then add a new component it will also reset with a "jump-to-top" and "reopen all folders" behaviour.

So the need to close folders back to where the focus of what is currently being dealt with becomes convenient, takes time away from actual user friendly editing. It might seems trivial in the beginning to pay attention to such minor behavior details and be "expected behavior". But in the long term, for creators, to work with organised folder structures, it becomes very inexpedient.

This is the reason why i don't report this as bugs, but rather ask it as a feature-request to stall the "jump-to-top" and "reopen folders" behavior and let it be up to the individual user freely to be able to decide what folders have what open/close status and use the right scroll bar to navigate up and down towards where they need to be positioned in the vertical position at any editing point, as it mostly turns out they (we) need to be in the close by vicinity of where we were.


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