Physics Mesh Problems

Hello all! i am wondering if any mesh creators might be able to help me out here. I have been building a club in Sansar, but recently tried to upload a simplistic table into my world with a collision/physics mesh too. However, i am (no matter what i do) constantly getting the "degenerate triangles were removed" message appearing. It's frustrating the hell out of me and i have tried virtually everything i can think of to fix this. THUS, i'm turning to the forums for some help. 

 I have tried...

  1. Reading the supplied advice by Sansar on Physics making and uploading
  2. Uploading as FBX AND OBJ
  3. trying concave and other types of mesh
  4. tried editing settings inside of the mesh once in Sansar
  5. reading any other posts as to what others are doing to upload their physics models
  6. Making the object as one mesh instead of multiple sections (3)

I'm at a complete loss at this point and it's very frustrating. I did however see this from Sansar on the documentation for uploading physics, so not sure if this is anything to do with it. But i have noticed that other people's mesh objects are working fine.

Any advice or help, or even some guidance on your own personal way of making these in Blender would be very much appreciated. :)


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