Feature-Request: Physics/Collision shape to follow animated component

It could be nice to have an option to make the Physics/Collision component follow the movement of the animated component, if at all possible?

Example: I have a animated multipart object consisting of 2x30 steps for an animated stairway. Every single step is a seperate part object because i need to raise/lower trigger each step in it's own height interval to form the final stairway vs flatten out into a straight row height, hidden at ground zero, when not in use.

If i put a script in every single step, it's not an client side animation anymore. Meaning the animation update has network dependent lag, making each part animate independent and look awkward as a whole during the progression of the animation. Even stalling if there are a number of agents and heavy scripting in the world.

I also have one Physics/Collision shape/component with no object component, encompassing a "club lounge area", when it's "up/raised" there is no way for an agent to enter the area (except by scripted teleport, and then they can't leave the area. I tested this), vs when it's "down/lowered" agents may enter the "club".

Maybe it is already possible to do what i want, but then i'm not doing it right! Then, please advise me how this could be done?

In the case this is not implemented because of server cost. Could we have a switch to enable it in rare cases, so it would only induce extra server cost for the enabled object. If that at all complies to the internal code mechanics - i don't know - i'm just trying to build me my own inner picture of how it might could be working - lol?


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