Feature-Request: Live world panel (people/chat panels) on/off state behavior change

To envision better what feature i would like to be modified, let's first direct our attention to the edit-mode:

And more specific to the various panels appearance in edit mode. They all now are able to be resized, positioned and turned on/off. But most importantly of all:

When a user leaves edit-mode or the entire client and later comes back, all the panels appearances is remembered (eg if i leave edit-mode and i had the inventory panel off (closed), it will still be off like i left it before when i come back to edit-mode OR if i leave the edit-mode with the properties panel oriented to the right most side (position and size) of the view-port, it will still be oriented at the exact same position and with the exact same size when i come back in edit-mode).

Again, for the sake of better envisioning, let's assume that the client UI experience could be divided into three main modes:

  • chat/experience (live) mode
  • lookbook mode
  • edit mode

So, my feature-request goes on the chat/experience (live) mode. It has two main floating panels: People panel and Chat panel. and they could both be classified as being childs of the chat/experience (live) mode (though also being available in edit mode).

People panel is always off (eg meaning if the user comes back from lookbook mode and likes the people panel to always be visible (conveniently to extract information from it in chat/experience (live) mode) the user (like me) also always has to reopen the people panel, as it is now.

Chat panel is always on, well that's fortunate for most users. But, some users may have to always turn off (close) the panel if they are so inclined.

My feature request would then ultimately be: Could we have that edit-mode panel last off/on (closed/open) remembrance behaviour added to the two remaining panels (the people and the chat panels). I really vote for this change because it would be a convenient enhancement removing the need of unnecessary clicking around to keep the UI experience up to par.

I know that along the way the chat/experience (live) mode UI has already been enhanced by means of remembering position and size for both panels in meantion.

A little observation side remark: When in Load mode it is also possible to turn the people panel back on already, except it then doesn't remember it pos/size data and then uses default settings. I think some code might be missing there?

It also came to my attention recently that dev wants to merge the people/chat panel in some way. In that case please consider making that new panel BEHAVE, so the user doesn't have to click - click - click all the time?

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