More hybrid between Second Life and Sansar

I don't know where I can leave a feedback about Sansar, maybe is not the right forum, but if you know this forum please tell me to leave this feedback.

I came from Second Life about one week, and I had the opportunity to tested the game, and is really amazing. I know the game is more optimized than Second Life, and makes for a better graphics experience, better performance, and VR experience. I saw some things missing by my perspective about emotional and entertainment compared to Second Life. On Second Life you can find gestures, couple animations, photographic and videos experience, games, but on Sansar that is missing. Another thing is about huds, inventory clothes and store. Make every thing separate for each color is complicated. No folders to separate our things on the clothes inventory is complicated because I know a lot of people like buy a lot of stuff, and the clothes inventory is limited to be organized. I know you people are working hard for a simple game without a lot of stuff to guarantee performance to users, and is really better than Second Life this work, but maybe can considerate be a little more hybrid between Sansar and Second Life to the people finally take the decision to cross this line from Second Life to Sansar. Maintain the performance is very important, but add some stuff with the thing that the people more like on Second Life is very important too. I have some suggestions about that.


1. Gestures or emotes with sounds or something similar like that.
2. Better emote interface, like dancing huds on Second Life, we can have all dances or animations on one hud. For a better performance, you can improve that on the Sansar viewer interface with a simple hud, ideal to VR too.
3. Less limitations to upload animations, from 20 animations that i have I can upload only 3 or 4, because every time have limitations. I can't upload static animation, and the people use that a lot on Second Life. This things can turn to a fun experience when the people playing Sansar.
4. More camera controls to make photos and videos. We have increase o decrease camera speeds but only with the arrow movements, up, down, left and right, but we don't have this to move around with the mouse to do a more smooth movement to make videos.
5. About the games, on Second Life the people love playing games like Parcheesi, Greedy, Skippo, etc.. I don't know l a lot about Sansar scripts and construction, but maybe is limited.
6. Couple animations, more feeling to Sansar, at the end the feeling move the people.

I write that because sometimes I do advice to the people to come to Sansar, and this things the people tell to me that they missing on Sansar. Now the next things is about my experience.

7. More organization on our clothes inventory, like folders or something like that, because if we bought a lot of thing on the marketplace, is very difficult find stuff on this inventory.
8. More slot to wear things, or maybe like clothes, we can wear 5 things, but on glasses, ears, hands, etc, only one, and we want to wear a little more things, maybe not a lot, but a little bit more.
9. Color hud, maybe a interface like the hairs, to objects and clothes, or something similar. The folder implementation maybe can fix that, and better if we can upload folders to the store.
10. Opportunity to change texture to wear things uploaded without upload again, like construction places stuff, we can change the texture on the places construction interface.

This things I saw on my first week experience, maybe need to be a little more hybrid between Sansar and Second Life, with the performance and quality Sansar experience, but with the fun that the people love like Second Life experience, those things that made Second Life great, so that the authentic and the fun, and quality and performance never get lost.


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