General Feedback

I'm new, but just a couple of observations. Also, apologies if these have already been suggested:

  1. Lookbook UI: Would like to see horizontal tabs in addition to the vertical tabs in the look book. With the current content, it isn't a bad layout, but as more skins, hairstyles and such become available, I believe it will become cluttered. I would love to see a horizontal tab as well as vertical tab. For example, for face settings, you could have a preset tab, a skin tab, and a tab just for the sliders
  2. Face adjustment settings: Would love to see a normalizing option for face sliders where rotation, size, etc, could all be set to zero. The sliders are very limited right now as they appear to only affect size and this makes it hard to reset settings to a 0 value.
  3. Lighting in Dressing Room: Current setting is very flattering and hides issues with my face shape. Going out into the nexus reveals a lot of issues. It is annoying to not be able to see these and fix them. Any way we could have some options for lighting in the dressing room? Harder light really helps reveal the imperfections.
  4. Layering skins: For skins, is there a possibility that layering? For example, makeup could be put on a separate layer. Perhaps include that layering option for bodies as might be the case with scars, wounds, bruises, tatoots, etc.
  5. Store Item Demos: I felt that the store item demos were clutter in Second Life. They made searching for things more difficult. I would like to see demos built in to the listing, maybe as a separate "demo" button on the listing. It would further be great if Sansar had a built-in demo system where clicking the demo button, would allow you to access the item in your dressing room only, and only for a limited time before it disappears. This will save developers from having to create a demo version and further cluttering people's closets.

    Thanks for your time!


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