VR Gear, specific to Sansar.

Following are a bunch of HARDWARE suggestions that I would like to see brought to the real world for the virtual one. 

1) SENSORY GLOVES - Gloves with electromagnets in the palm and fingers so that when you "hold" something, the magnets push each other away. This is a very primitive idea for sensory input for VR, however, if done correctly, it could influence how it is done by the rest of the market which would attempt to follow in your footsteps. the idea is that the players - when designing a world - can decide how much force to input when holding certain items, as to imply that the object is squishy or hard. They would have sensors in the fingers and elbow to locate your extremities and would plug into your headset to adjust your avatar based on the movement of YOU. 

2) A MOBILITY RIG - Some sort of rig so that the player has to actually run to run in-game. You could do metal cables with an electromagnet floor, pushing away boots worn by the player to offer the sensation of resistance from the "floor". Another way would be an omnidirectional treadmill. I feel that the former of those options is the most plausible.


Also, the avatar designs should be different from real life. You should have to create a character with a skin color from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple (all with the option of light, medium, or dark variations). Furthermore, a player should NEVER be able to pick a precreated avatar, especially one depicting a character from anything, that way, upon seeing a Sansar avatar, a person would think, "Oh, that's an avatar from Sansar," rather than, "Oh, that's an animated render of Batman." Not only does this personalize the game and make marketing it MUCH simpler, but it also allows the player to create their own virtual persona, entirely unique to them. Another personalizable part of an avatar should be voice distortion. The player should be able to design a filter to change their voice if they want to. 

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