Little Tips and Discovery Sansar avatar 2.0 Skin on Substance Painter

Hey guys it's just an little  Tips to creat your own skin on substance painter

Sorry with my english in advance

I/ Open Substance painter

II/ Ctrl-N to news project :

  • - Choose your template
  • - Under line see File click on select and go on your file mesh avatar
  • - Choose resolution
  • - And click on OK


III/ Avatar Imported on Susbstance Painter

  • - You can switch a views if you whant 2D 3D or same or swaping.


IV/ Texture list

  • - You have a texture list uv of a mesh just at the right of your screen or to another position if you have your own substance shelf.


IV/ Shelf Menu

  • - In this part you all have to create brushes of alphas etc but the most practical is the environment to see how your mesh reacts to different light.


V/ Layers

Example of layers

▼ Right Click on layers 

  • - What are the layers in substance painter? Well it's the same thing as in photoshop you can do a lot of things even add volumes with your brush or alpha I could explain but it would be so long then on google or youtube there's much more complete tutorial.


VI/ Properties Paint

  • - So in this Part these are the regalges either brushes or layers


VII/ Symmetry Paint

  • - It's just a setting to paint in symmetry.


So it's end of my tips, I hope it will help but also I would like to point out that if I missed some stuff I'm sorry I discover like you the program with the avatar but if you ever need some light on a stuff look on Google or YouTube there are many people who share tips from the tuts and many others to create and advance


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