Avatar 2.0 Compatible Female 4K Photo based Skin source files

I would like to provide the community with some free resources including the source files:

I’ve created three sets of Avatar 2.0 Compatible Female 4K Photo based Skin with underwear in the Texture. They can be downloaded in game with the following links.




I put for all of you the source files for the skins onto a Google drive. That includes the Photoshop 3D scene where you can paint directly on the Avatar 2.0 UVW projected textures. I also put in the same directory a copy of all other resources that you need to import your own customized versions into sansar by using the included FTX and assigning the textures upon import. For the face and the body assigned the diffuse texture from Photoshop and the two included roughness textures out of the directory. For the eyes do the same but change the material to two-sided alpha so that the eyelets will work. Please don’t just published unchanged we uploads of my content but you can do whatever you want to with versions way of change things around. The included FTX file is basically exported from the blender file that provided on the sansar support page.

Drive Link:


Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions about the content.


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