I understand that you don't want the "SL crowd" type coming into Sansar, but honestly..  You're trading one toxic community for another.  I have no desire in playing Sansar without the easy build system, camera system, the ease of movement/flying, upload feature, and the marketplace.  Ways to earn Sansar money would be a big gain but still not enough.  Without those features, I'm really uncertain Sansar will ever be anywhere near what SL has been. 

I have logged in many times over the months since release and I love what I see.  The graphics are great, the optimization is on-par with modern games, but the controls are seriously lacking.  The experience is not living up to SL.  Not even close.  It is SL without any freedom basically.  That's not a good thing.  Sansar is booooring.  Nothing to do but socialize and walk around with terrible controls.  VR is still a niche market since it is such an expensive investment and I don't see that changing any time soon.  It's great that you want to create a new different experience but if that's all you have to offer is an experience to see, then I see this going nowhere really fast. 

Maybe fun for creators but for players??  Not really.


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