General Feature Request and Feedback

I spent a week in VR chat. Here is my take away on some items in comparing the two platforms.

  • Sansar is better performance wise. VRChat requires downloading assets over and over onto your hard drive - which you must manually delete or it will fill up the hard drive.
  • VR chat has better streaming tools associated with camera views, especially when using VR. It would be nice if Sansar had a few more camera options, like auto pan, auto rotate around avatar, etc. This would certainly be helpful towards event broadcasting.
  • VR chat has a central world hub just like Sansar does but also allows access to all worlds via the UI menu.
  • VRchat is a mess when it comes to optimization and I think Sansar has a good grasp on that if they continue to maintain that grasp moving forward in development.
  • Sansar in my opinion is more catered to creators and the genx 36+ crowd rather then the younger generation. In order to draw that crowd in, a really good video highlighting things that appeal to that generation (showing off in game items, avatars and music events that relate to their generation) would seem reasonable.
  • As opposed to the current commercial being used. I feel like that wasn't the target audience I am referring too above. Sansar can still remain a fun professional creator environment while also curating to the social hang out with friends crowd.


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