My Sansar experience, ( To the devs )



So i have been on second life for 6+ years or so and love it very much even though i don't log in much as it has gotten stale for me, i came across a youtube video of Sansar the other day and created an account and logged in!


Now i want to get the negatives out of the way before the positives since they are what is important in early development.

  • The price for "lindens" is absolutely absurd and is a huge deterrent for a new/tiny player base. I couldn't believe how much you wanted for 2500 'lindens'. We want to enjoy the little that's in the virtual world as it is in its state and the gigantic paywall pretty much removes most of the content from the game unless you just want to grind quests 24/7 which will take the enjoyment out of it.


  • I saw no marketing on this at all, i understand its early access and you are still working on it but its very apparent that you want people to come on it. We have all heard rumors of a secondlife 2.0 but it came down to me striking a random video on youtube to see Sansar.


  • There is no option to message friends when you are customizing your avatar, small thing but frustrating none the less. 


  • Obviously their is a lack of content, i get why but it could be encouraged further to keep people in the VR world. I noticed many new people and very few consistent players. You can tell they are bored because they just stand at the landing point and bother people since they don't have the content/ can't afford the content to get more out of Sansar


Now for the positives!

  • The graphics are incredible!
  • The UI while it needs work is generally a huge improvement over SL
  • I can see the direction it's going and i like the look of it
  • Virtual reality is a huge thing that impressed me even though i don't own it as of yet, but when Sansar grows i will defiantly buy VR.
  • The quest's are cool even though they are repetitive. I just like the idea of making a tiny bit of money so i don't need to cut off my right leg to buy a skirt.


So i'm at a crossroads here, i will log in over the next few days but i can't picture myself staying for the reasons i have stated.. I'm really blown away with how it is at the moment but i just don't think you are encouraging people to stay which is a massive shame.


If you did drop the prices to at least second life prices ( if not further to get a playerbase) people and content creators will amass and you will get more player time/feedback and more general happiness from the community.


I want to be able to sit on a couch and cuddle my friends from SL on there, or play greedy to keep me entertained. But it's not possible at the moment and my friends on SL won't try until i tell them about it since they have never heard of it and when they do, theirs a good possibility they wont stay.


Please please please do something about these glaring issues, it does more damage then good just ignoring it while you develop other parts of the world.


Thank you!


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