I feel TSA just went crazy on me.

Hi there!  Stopped by your booth at TwitchCon a couple days ago.

Got home and spent 2.5 hours in your game.  Tutorial was interesting.  After that... WOW... completely boring.

Spent 2 hours going from world to world to world to world just to get my avatar scanned.  A bazillion times.


Why?  Am I a replicant?  What point is that?  If so why can't I at least have a Turing test done.  Did my avatar do something wrong and need constant verification?  TSA is on to me for some reason?  Is that the whole game?  Just going to find discs on the ground to stand on?

How is that going to even REMOTELY interest those watching my stream on Twitch?  It bored the crap out of me after 20 minutes but I HUNG IN THERE like a trooper to see if the standing on scanning disc crap would end and something would actually happen.

So far.  Nope! 

Enjoyed meeting you folks at TwitchCon, but WOW... this has a few generations of development to go.


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