Textures breaking

I was uploading a model into sansar .after placing it in the scne i saw that i forgotten to hook up some textures so i went to edit the material and assign them manualy.sadly for each texture i change in the material editor it takes ages to update and i cant skip it so i decided to shut sansar down to not have to wait for 0 minutes for the texture to show.sansar was worning me that the data iam trying to upload will be lost wich was basicly exactly what i wanted..after clicking ok nothing happened so i tryed again but sansar didnt want to close so i forced it :)After restarting Sansar i went back to edit mode to try again to upload the model and this time to assign the texxtures directly on upload cause it doesnt do the preview thing there so i was opening the model and clicked on its material button to place the textures it started loading the material editor and went into an infinite loading circle .the same model i already brought in before .somehow when i tryed to close sansar before some cache file must have fotten corrupted or something and even me clearing the local cache and reinstalling sansar didnt help .normaly uploading a file takes 2 minutes i spend an houer now to try to get that model in without success

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