VR unbearably glitchy in Nexus

Hi, I just recently purchased an oculus rift s and joined Sansar.  My experience thus far is that the game is practically unplayable in VR.

Before I go on any further, i'll share the specs of my comp.  

amd 8350fx

gtx980ti gpu

16gb ddr3 ram

500gb samsung ssd

I believe these specs exceed the rec' sys reqs

Initially I was able to load easily into the game and perform basic customization of my av.  I played through the short tutorial with absolutely no issues.  Once I teleported to the nexus, my audio became glitchy (the streams of other players in the nexus were broken up and "robotic" sounding.  My framerate was practically in the negative, it was absolutely impossible to interact with my environment, or open settings menus.

The game outside of VR works usually perfectly fine, although the audio stream still sounds like robots on vicodan.  I turned my graphics settings all the way down, and teleported to a scene that I had previously visited and the vr experience was nearly perfect, but my audio still sounded terrible.

I have performed several clean installs of windows, geforce, sansar, oculus hoping to fix whatever driver error was causing this, but  i find msyelf back in the situation where sansar is a glitchy unplayable mess... 


please help!  I have friends i want to hang out with in vr


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