Tint masks

Hello guys, I would like to know if this could be possible to implement.

This will allow users to customize the look with tints, like primary, secondary, tertiary and accents composition.

I will copy-paste some of the information from a game that already has this feature.


This map is how you apply color to the piece: it’s incredibly important for player agency and customization. You have a tremendous amount of control on how the piece will look, so as a result, this map requires the second most artistic judgment.

Unfortunately, it's very technical to work with, which is one of the reasons that we are publishing our Substance Painter shader as that does make it much more intuitive. It's a layer cake and the order of layers cannot be changed:

  • Red is the bottom layer, and is often bucket-filled to fill the entire texture.
  • Green is screened on top of Red.
  • Blue is screened above Green.
  • Alpha is in the alpha channel and will run over top of everything. If you want to add areas that cannot be tinted, you can add a layer with black areas that will instead show the base diffuse (which will be colorless).

How the RGB channels appear, with the alpha viewed separately:

  • Tint0 is Red
  • Tint1 is Green applied as a screen layer
  • Tint2 is Blue applied as a screen layer
  • Tint3 is an alpha channel

The reason we use a system of layering vs. a flattened map with solid colors is because the mask separation will never be perfect in-engine due to engine interpretation, and will produce ugly halos around certain tint colors when not layered properly.

To avoid this, simply make sure to expand the mask areas under the edges of each tint that is layered above it. For example, Red channel will run under all layers if it is bucket-filled in, but the layer above (Green channel) will need to have its edges expanded underneath the Blue channel, otherwise, the Red channel will peek through along the edge where the Blue and Green channels meet. Alpha sits above everything else.

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