Uploadable male 2.0 template avatar with textures for Blender 2.79

Here is the Blend file to download :

EDIT 2021-11-19 New download link :


In order to avoid loading my own ui, which would confuse you :
Open Blender 2.79
Go to File menu > open
Browse to the Male40k_2.0.blend file and click on it once
In the left panel, uncheck "load ui"

At top right of the screen, click "open Blender file"

First thing you want to do is a test upload to Sansar.
Upon opening the file, everything is selected for export.

Go to File menu > Export > FBX
In the operator presets, bottom left of the screen, do the following :
Check the "selected objects box
left click "Armat", then hold SHIFT and left click "Mesh"
At bottom of the panel, click on the button next to "path" and select "Copy", then click once on the little icon next to it.

The panel should then look like this :

Next, click on the "Animation" tab and uncheck "Backed animation"

Top right of the screen, click "Export FBX"

Now open Sansar,
Click on "Create"

"Style my avatar"

"Create new look"


In the Avatar tab, click "Import"

Under "Avatar mesh file", click Browse and select the exported fbx


Under "Inventory image", use this thumbnail image

(Drag this thumbnail image of the avatar from this browser window to your desktop and browse to it in the Sansar client after clicking "browse")


Click on "import"

After a while you should see this message

Then :

Click on "Close"

You now have a new item in your Avatars inventory :

Click on it and try it on :)


Now, going back to the Blender file, you should be able to edit it to your liking. You can use the sculpt mode to reshape it, or use proportional editing in edit mode.
The textures are just a starting point, a base for you to paint over.
The textures being assigned already, Simply edit them to your liking. In order to do so outside of blender, simply export the fbx and upload it to Sansar once as is : when you do that, a fbm folder will appear next to your fbx Edit the textures in the folder and save them under the same name and file format.
Be aware that the diffuse texture for the eyes is in TGA format and holds a precious alpha mask for the eyelashes.
When you edit the eyelashes, which at present are no more than a hint at what needs to be done, make sure that you edit the apha channel accordingly.

Have fun, Cheers !


At upload, in the material editor, select the material for the eyes and assign the "Standard double sided + alpha" shader, so that the eyelashes have two sides.


While the uv maps are approximately that of the default avatar, they are not exactly the same. Thus, if you intend to later upload your skins to the default avatar when that feature becomes available, it would be best to design your skin against the full resolution template provided by Linden Lab (rather than make them on this version).
That is, I think it is better that your skin does not match this custom mesh perfectly than not match the actual Sansar avatar 2.0


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