New Avatar 2.0 - What do you think about it ?

Hey all !

I just tested avatar 2.0 and wanted to have your opinion about it. Am I the only one thinking they are.. a bit.. ummm.. weird ? My avatar looks like a dead corpse walking in the street. Or a vampire. For real. That's the first time I was scared of my own avatar.

- Harstyles (I'm talking as a women) are.. everything but pretty.

- Current clothings from Avatar 1.0 that are available with Avatar 2.0 aren't adapted as Linden Labs announced. I even used all the possibility to re-adjust clothes, but my character looks like she just returned from Second World War.

- In my opinion, there isn't that much more options to customize my avatar. I found the new system a bit harder than before, for a result way worst than before.

- Again and even if Linden Labs haven't planed it, and even if there is not any link with the subject, Oculus Quest doesn't support Sansar while this is one of the most popular VR Headset. They should really optimise the game for it.

So yes, I know, we need to wait for community content - but from now - it's for me impossible to play the game. No immersion at all.

What do YOU think of this update ?


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