Screen space ambient occlusion ?

Would be nice if we can set in build mode, in mesh properties, per object, if the object is included or excluded from the ambient occlusion. For example i don't want my grass field meshes to cast big blobs of ambient occlusion on the ground, and become like fluffy dark creatures instead of a field of grass.

There are many other cases where ambient occlusion is kind of destructive and have no control over the intensity, tint color, or to be ignored per specific mesh. The only alternative we have is ON or OFF, in the game settings, which is not a creative solution. The control should be in the hands of the creator and how they want their experience to look.

Also would be nice if in the build mode > scene settings window, we can have exposed sliders for:

AO Intensity slider

AO Contrast " blurred, sharp "

AO Tint " to color the AO "


I don't want just to turn it on or off just for the sake of performance, i want the ability to change it in a creative way, which will greatly impact the look of my world.


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