Selling Models With Multiple Textures

So in SL people are able to buy items that have HUDS that allow them to change the texture or components of the texture. It would be nice if we could sell one item and have a built in feature for different textures similar to something like in the sims. For example, if someone is selling a dress, in this system they could sell it as a pack of either all textures or different sets of textures (Glittery Pack, Matte Color Pack, Patterns Color Pack, for example). Someone would be able to open a drop down menu or something similar in the character editor and select different texture options for what their model is. This would be useful on custom avatars as well because you could sell different color variations or skin colors without having to separate all the variations into different products on the market as making multiple listings for every texture can be annoying and time consuming. It would also be nice if creators could texture the buttons or options for the drop down menu or whatever system is implemented. Sorry If this has been suggested already. It’s just something that I feel would make it easier and more convenient for both the creator and the consumer.


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