Chronic Feature Requests


I made this post in order for me to write down my ideas whenever they pop up in my head so please note that this post will change over time!


* Chat Notifications - One thing that I would really like to see is notification when you're typing to people. Me and my friend don't really talk but prefer to type, however as of right now there is no indication as to when we type in the chat. Perhaps a sound or maybe even making the window blink in the hotbar?

* Advanced search feature - When I go to the forums and I want to find a specific thread that can be difficult unless I know where to go look for it. Maybe a more advanced search option could be in order? For example. I want to find a thread by a specific person, I can add the line "posted by *NAME*" and only the posts from that person would show up. Just like you can do on discord. Or to simplify, just add the option to search within a category or to be able to search on just a specific subpage of Sansar rather than the full sansar website. The reason for this is that I was trying to find if someone else had posted about the same things but I would have to go through all 300 posts to see if that was the case.


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