Scripted Control of Shaders / AKA Shader or Material API

This feature has been brought up both in a number of product meetups and scripting office hours meetings.

To have scripting control over various shaders. 

Useful for things such as.

1. Control over Emissive Intensity, which can be sync'd with light on/off controls or various VFX.  

2. Control of Tint, which is useful in changing the color of things.  Objects which are used to represent light sources.

3.  UV Animation Control.  Rate, Speed, Start, Stop and more.  Exceptionally useful for DJ live music lighting systems and more.

4. Use of Spite sheets to display specific textures on objects.  I.e. a Sprite sheet for a deck of cards.  One could display a specific row, column position on the face of an object.  Many practical applications for this type of control.  Including Game boards, DJ boards and more.  Tarot Cards and other game like systems.

These type of feature would allow a lot of creativity for people building light systems, Virtual FX, and more.  Also would allow for people to use a sprite sheet for much of what they want to do, for texture swap outs.  When people are interacting with (whatever you can think of). 


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