More Marvelous Designer compatibility please!

There are a number of thing that Marvelous Designer offers which are not working in Sansar, like the following:

Materials are NOT acting as they are in Sansar. And alpha is not supported in the .samd file. It would be a plus if it does.


Only zippers and buttons are working in Sansar, while MD offers more. It would be nice to use buckles to make belts, and cord for pants and hoodies etc. But Rings could come in handy to. And not to mention topstich. I know it is probably too high poly, but if it could be baked as a texture and the normal texture it could be a great solution.

Zippers can be opened in Sansar (which is awesome), but buttons cannot. I would love to be able to open blouses etc.

Piping is also a feature I do miss in Sansar.


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