Im Melkanea just arrived from SL, wont miss the hype a second time!

Im a tester, A doer and love to use too many words when going really really into detail when a subject is new and exitig! Just kiddig i get faster and efficienter comunicating once i feel confordabelwith a situation.  

Registration & Instalation went smooth. Hardware runs well!. Signed up to all social networks i could find, even wrote to the Linden Linkedin

 Sansa looks and feel promising, Like my cute Anime body, moving feels a bit weird, but it will do for starters.  

Well i somehow managed to miss the first quests teleport. aaaaand i got here somehow, im lost, the view i amazing! I wish i could share..... o wait 

There you go! 

Like this crude but efficient Text Editor, gota improve the Paraghaps to become H1, H2, H3 Headders. #HOLLYMOTHEROFFIONTERCONECTEDNESS

I wondered where the pic i took at the lake went. NUICE!

Well, this settels it, im here to stay. 
Ill add some info of myself then

Im an 


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