I want to link products together because they are sold separately

when I was a child my parent would buy me a ninja turtle. the turtle would come with accessories. sword, Chinese star, pizza slice, other accessory. that one turtle belongs to a bigger collection of the other three ninja turtles. sold separately also would be the title mobile. so you'd have ninja figures and all those accessories then my parent would buy a power ranger to add to a different collection......

since the avatar 2.0 we at Elegance celeste have been focusing on clothes and accessories. our long term goal once avatar 2.0 comes out to make avatars, have cloths specific for that avatar, and accessories. nothing on the store grips them other than us putting a comment in the listing where to find the other pieces.

for instance this dress https://store.sansar.com/listings/7c8b3066-0d6c-44f8-993b-0dfdeb698148/red-high-priestess-costume

that dress has accessories for it like this scepter also soon magic bracelets https://store.sansar.com/listings/5b87507b-55c6-4228-9c52-1cc07e431028/sceptor-of-sin-red

nothing in the store says that that scepter or when the bracelets get made are specifically for each other. to group them. that would be the hope for my goal is the products not be lost in market but something piping together what each of these items is actually meant for.

lastly it have to be complex or compound I forget which one because let's say the yellow scepter we have could be for either the blue or the red high priestess dress while the red scepter is for the red dress and the blue scepter is for the blue dress

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