Okay... soooooo... I see a LOT of old posts complaining about houw crappy & disappointing Sansar is/was/has been..... INCLUDING my own from about a year ago, and others that have "sort of" praised & defended it with... "it'll get better" and "it''s still new" and "it's not Second life", ecerera!!!  Jessica, in 12/17 wrote that it was crap THEN... I'm sorry to say.... her statement still stands TODAY!!!

With the upgrades and crap that they suppposedly have made over the last 1.5 years since Jessica's review... it hasn't gotten ANY better, and in fact, to ME, it's gotten even worse.  She's right!  KILL IT ALREADY!!!  It's was AND is a furile effortto keep something alive that is suffering, hemmoraging & should be put out of it's misery... not to mention OURS!!!

I said over a year ago that they should have invested in Second Life... made it better, faster... developed it more!  Even if NOT from the ground up, at least they could have developed the system/classic charactars to be more realistic, left out a LOT of the mesh crap... which takes forever to load, compared to the system avatars and SIMS.... and kept the SL'ers IN SL to explore and grow with it... instead of trying to coax them over to Sansar... which is just a hateful/sickening experience. Do we wait 10 years until they figure out how to make Sansar a LITTLE BIT better?  Build it more to SL's standards and attributes, or do we demand that this MONSTROUSITY be put down?  Ohhhh.. the inumanity!!!

It was a nice try, but better to build on something that is working, and people will enjoy coming to and livnig there, than to insist on trying to reinvent the wheel!  You can't make a square wheel and expect it to roll like a round one.... I don't care HOW optimistic you are!!!

Just sayin'



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