full midi support

All we know midi because the midi player is integrated in any operating system, and in general we think that midi is something bit ugly with poor sound. But MIDI is a complete protocol, with many professional use. Integrating MIDI communications in the client, all the music performance can have a big improvement, but also light show, everithing that need a strong syncronisation between audio and visual.

For example imagine a VST plugin made by a object inside Sansar (a synth or any sort of instrument), working as receiver and with integrated sound libray, listening on one MIDI channel. Another object can be a emitter, listening in same or different channel, and so on.

Applications could be endless and very effective, and lag free because the data sent from external world (from a midi keyboard for example, or a daw) to the listener inworld are small text file, not heavy wav file.

This can work opening a port with the client, same than chat or so, not using a external server and http.

This special "synths" can be also objects for sell in marketplace and make Sansar a platform for live music in sync without lag.

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