Sansar shuts down machine and disconnects router on network

 I have a brand new Win10Pro install on a AMD-FX-8320 8 core on an ASRock mobo, with 16 gigs RAM. I currently have my SSD disconnected while I run this OS on a western digital 1TB HDD.

My machine only does this when I am on Sansar, and it happens everytime I load Sansar . I usually do it in combo with Second Life as we run and work in an SL club as well as have a popular hangout in Sansar. About 2 minutes in, everything has loaded, I am sitting doing nothing much but texting in Sansar, my entire machine will crash, or the last time, it actually shutdown. It also does a forcible disconnect to my local WLAN network, as my roommate is on an XBOX and she will disconnect when i do as well. This happens at no other time.

I do not watch forums closely, but I will keep my eye on this as often as I can. 


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