Freez / Crash.



I am having issues with Sansar game (I'm desktop-only user). Can someone help ?


Here is my configuration :

- Intel core i5-8300U

- Nvidia GeForce 1060 6GB.

- 8 GB Ram.


Network : 


But I am experiencing freez anywhere I am, and randomly. On the starter social hub, sometime I will freez many times until I crash, sometimes, only a few freez, but playable. Basically, at home, no lags.

Sometimes I also crash during loading when I try to join the Social Hub for a second time. It never happen the first time.

What I have tried so far :

- Execute as admin.

- On Nvidia Control Panel, select the Sansar then "Nvidia High Performance Processeur" instead of "auto" (because sometimes, it choose "Integred graphics".

- Fullscreen / Not full screen, disable/enable any graphic option in the game, set quality to Low / Medium / High.


None fixed the problem. Any idea ? My computer should run it smoothy, according to the system requirement.


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