Pimax headset not supported by sansar

I am an owner of a Pimax 5K+ headset, and I've been trying to play this game for a long while now, but it never works properly because, as far as I can gather, my headset does not have a proximity sensor telling the game that the headset is on, so it refuses to recognize that it should run in VR, or even let me move around in-game after I manually switch to VR mode using f9.

There was a brief period of time when the headset worked, but the update that appears to have broken it was when pimax no longer used a vive alias as their name presented to steamVR when it runs, as of now the pimax reads as a "Pimax 5K Plus" under the hardware section in steamvr video settings.

I am happy to provide any information I can to the devs to help accelerate any fixing. Thank you for your time. 


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