Permission Issues associated with Selling Collections using Sound Resources

I have created many Collection objects (musical instruments) that I wish to sell.  I can save each of the components (scripts, mesh and sound resources) to inventory and sell them individually in the store.  When I try to sell the Collection Object that contains only these components that I know I created and own and can be all sold in the store, I get an error that I don't own one or more of the components and can't sell the collection. 

I have tried to get around this in the past by going in and remapping the sound resources again from inventory. But, I literally have thousands of items I need to do this with associated with my next generation instruments.  It is ridiculous and I am not going to do it.  This means that I cannot sell these playable instruments in the store because of this problem that Sansar has in evaluating the components of a Collection object and wrongfully determining who the owner of these sound resources, scripts and meshes are.

I have not been able to determine why it does this through trial and error.  If I create it from scratch and save it right then it seems to work.  But, it has something to do with trying to do it after some time has passed.  If I spend a great deal of time developing the collection object and try to save and sell it I get the error.  Maybe it is related to version releases or Experience servers cold starting or stopping.

Please address this issue as other people will have it if they develop any kind of complex product for sale using scripting, sound resources and meshes.  It seems to centered on the sound resources as I can fix it by just going in and changing the sound resource to a different sound resource and then setting it back.

If you need an example it is in my inventory it is called .Bass.  I cannot sell it in the store, yet every component of the collection I can list separately and sell. 


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