User Sourced Tips, Tricks, and Resources for fashion and accessories

Hi gang, I'll collect useful tips, tricks, and links here that I see in the fashion-help Discord channel (http://discord.gg/sansarofficial)

Via MD-Angel

"Many sansar users can set up a MD/Sansar realtime garment texture workflow using the free software tool > Pixaflux. It can output the MD texture files into a folder than can be automatically packed in the PBR or custom Sansar workflow - including automatic conversion to tricky emission maps you may want to load into your fashion garment or colorway conversions in realtime with a handy 3D viewer open at the same time. http://www.pixaflux.com/ Better that Adobe - Substance when using Sansar. Best tool to use with Sansar/MD for detailing garment textures."

"For MD/Sansar users with pixaflux they can load in the garment UV and also edit their maps to place in details like buttons, stitching, stroke in svg for seams, add in lace, place in reflective materials and process all the cropping, packing and exports so maps pack into the same naming convention as needed for Sansar. You may customise workflows - it is simple to learn and immensely powerful. Good for novice to expert use."


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