Sansar is starting steamVR when headset is powered on but steamVR is not running.

This very annoying bug, i know what's wrong if i get the error message from steam. But it's a bad bug !

SteamVR is set to not start automatic.

The only correct setting to avoid problems. Besides you still need to have VR set powred off.

The bug is that sansar is not detecting if a steamVR is running or not.
Because sansar is not doing that the implemented a lazy way of just start steamVR hidding invisible in the background. WHen you then try to start VR afer you started sansar. (because you forget to start it or turned it off) You get this error.

That means, oopsie a stupid application did start steamVR without permission in the background. The only way to solve this is to go in taskmanager and kill the following three programs


So what sansar need todo is just checking if steamVR is running, if not do not start steamVR ! Simple solution , not sure whay the made this bug. It's btw a bad habbit from developers to not check for this case.


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