how do I upload the default avatar?

I was adjusting the skin texture (the face only) and I am pretty happy with the results. So I wanted to upload it into Sansar, Not to sell it but just to be a bit different than the rest. But I am struggling to do so.

When I use the standard sansar_female_reference.fbx I get the error:

Failed to load asset data
This item could not be added to the inventory because it has 63784 triangles. And imported avatar mesh may only have 4000 triangles.

From an older post I understand I have to "decimate" the triangles in blender.

My only question is HOW?

I understand I have to add a modifier named "decimate". But is it before or after the "sansar:f_anatomy"? And what values do I need to fill in when I add the decimate modifier?


Thanks in advance!

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