Sansar needs Terrain Tools/Landscaping

This is what I think would attract in a lot more people:

Terrain editing tools. Give us a flat surface as a base, have a selection of already made terrain textures to choose from, scale texture options & the terrain can be easily sculpted just like in SecondLife.

Oceans. have an ocean surrounding the terrain, with options to change the colour and opacity. An extra amazing feature to be able to have our avatars swim in these oceans, gives more interaction and fun to Sansar but that can come at a time it's ready, we just need terrain tools and oceans for a starter!

I tried getting used to blender, learned the programme & imported a flat base but the textures always look too stretched so I gave up trying.

They should give us experiences where we can choose to have a flat base with water or choose just an empty experience to fully create our scene for the more professional users.

I made an exploring sansar video on YouTube which attracted 139K views from people beingreally interested in this new virtual experience but later telling me they are limited in what they can do & most don't like the thought of creating it all themselves in other software. If we ever get an update to Sansar that provides us with these tools I'll be sure to make plenty of Sansar videos showing people how to create an experience because it would have so much potential.


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